Who is Mr. Library Dude?

Joe HardenbrookHi, I’m Joe Hardenbrook. I work as a reference and instruction librarian at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA where I manage reference and instructional services, teach information literacy sessions, supervise the evening/weekend librarians, and serve as a liaison to the education, graduate education, music, psychology, and diversity programs.

Previous library experience includes a stint at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as an instruction and reference librarian, at Southern New Hampshire University as reference coordinator and information literacy librarian, at Millikin University as library instruction coordinator and educational technologist, and at Sam Houston State University, where I was a reference librarian and instruction coordinator. In addition, I’ve taught college-level courses in podcasting, first-year seminar, and information and library science.

I’ve worked in libraries since 1998. I received my MLS from Indiana University, and a B.A. in history from Ball State University. I’m currently working on my M.Ed. through my workplace. When not in “libraryland,” I’m an aspiring shutterbug and traveler–I often blog about that too.

Why Mr. Library Dude?

Simple answer: it’s a name that has stuck! A few years ago, while teaching a library instruction session, one of the students needed help. However, he forgot my name, so he yelled out: “Hey, Mr. Library Dude!” It fit, so I decided to adopt the moniker.

Why I blog and what I blog about

I blog about library-related topics that interest me, things I’ve tried, or things I want to know more about. I don’t have a schedule for postings–just whenever I feel like it! That being said, I don’t blog as often now due to being back in school. I also do not take solicitations for blog topics or products to review.

Note: Views on the blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer.