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  1. Hi Joe, feeling fortunate to find your blog. I have been curious about library jobs and the process to go about it. Have you written about part time librarian jobs and the payscale for those who have masters degree in literature? I would be grateful if you could tell me about part time librarian jobs, how to nail interview, payscale and pros as well as cons. I am from your neighboring state – Minnesota!
    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks! I haven’t written yet about part-time librarian positions because there’s generally not a one-size-fits-all answer…it can vary a lot. It will depend on type of library (public library, college/university library, etc…) and location (urban, rural, suburban and high-cost area vs. low-cost area). I just saw a posting locally for a part-time (20hrs/week) reference/instruction librarian at the tech school where I live in suburban Milwaukee–the salary range was $28,450-$35,500 for 20hrs/week (or $27/hr to $34/hr)–which is pretty good for this area–but it also required a master’s degree in library/information science. You’ll need to look at job postings to see what the educational requirements are. If the MLS/MLIS degree is required, then the hiring person will not be able to look at applicants that do not possess it–even if you have a master’s degree in a different field. However, the MLS/MLIS degree is often not required in some smaller town public libraries–but the salary is likely lower too. Keep in mind you would be eligible for support staff/paraprofessional positions in libraries which do not require the MLS/MLIS degree–but the pay is generally lower. At my university’s library, we have a team of part-time Library Evening/Weekend Supervisors that are trained to oversee the library, manage student workers while on duty, and provide research assistance. In our case, these are support staff positions and not librarian positions since the educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree. I’d start by searching for jobs locally on indeed.com (you might have better luck keyword searching for “library” instead of “librarian”) and the MN Library Association website. The interview process will likely be the same (although likely shorter) for part-time positions. For the cover letter/resume: Try to address all points in the job ad. Some hiring managers use a checklist approach when evaluating applicants so if you don’t address something we can’t guess that you have that skill/quality! For the interview, be prepared to answer questions on why you want to work there, questions about scheduling (since it’s part-time), and questions about your skill set. Hope this helps!

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