The Library in Lego Form (aka the absolute last post I will write about Lego librarians)

Lego public library

Lego public library

It’s the summer of Lego Librarians! When I created my own Lego Librarian personalities, I didn’t quite imagine the wave it would create. People love Lego blocks. People love librarians. When you combine the two, you get an irresistible cultural mash-up.

The original post generated over 36,000 views and appeared on sites such as The Huffington Post, Flavorwire, Neatorama, Book RiotMyModernMet, Trendhunter, and Nerd Approved. Evidently it also took the country of Hungary by storm, as I had several thousand views from this one site alone.

After I acquired the official Lego librarian (I got it for cheap on eBay, rather than guessing among the unmarked packages at the Lego store), I decided that the Lego librarian needed a library!

Now I had a few of my own Lego pieces, but I had to ask for donations from co-workers. I also eBayed a few cheap building blocks…and voilà. I started building the Lego library. Just like the real library, there’s something for everyone: books, periodicals, technology, events. All walks of life are represented: young and old, well to do and not-so-much, people making a transition, and people on the edges of society. Here’s the local public library in Lego form…hope you enjoy it!

…and here’s a short movie created with the Lego Movie app:

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  3. I’ve been loving your posts on Lego, and this one is absolutely fantastic! I’m now off to the store to find me some Lego!

  4. As a librarian dude myself, and LEGO robotics teacher, I really appreciate the hard work and fun you put into this project. Congrats! You could probably use the LEGO Mindstorm robotics kit to automate your circulation system. 😉

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  7. This needs to join the book truck race at ALA. Best Lego Library Build!!!! LOL Can we get Lego to sponsor it???

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  22. Reblogged this on Nicole-Leigh and commented:
    I just think this is the greatest. This is such a great reflection of what happens in libraries. Except the dating one…I actually didn’t just date a co-worker in the library, I married him!

  23. What is the copyright level for these images? I’m helping my library set up a “Lego Zone” for our students during finals week, but it’s hard to find relevant pictures for college-age kids. I thought these pictures could work, and they’re super cute. Would you be opposed if I used a picture for our advertisements and signs? Let me know!

  24. This is awesome. Thank you. As a librarian with a kid who has moved on from his “Lego phase” you are my hero. Now I know what to do with the thousands of Legos my son no longer plays with.

    P.S. If you could make some suggestions as to what to do with all those tiny trains from his “Thomas the Tank Engine phase” I would be most appreciative.


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