Introducing: Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!

A little end-of-the-day humor for my job-hunting librarian friends: here’s Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!

It’s easy to play: just scroll through the postings on the ALA JobList site. Every time you see one these items below: a buzzword, a litany of preferred advanced qualifications, or one of those bullet points that just makes you think “WTF!” – take a drink!

If you get five in a row, shout out “Bingo!” You’ll be sloshed in no time! Β (…but as those ads say, my friends–please drink responsibly).

Click the image for a larger view.

Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!


Image credit:
Shit Outta Luck” – a Creative Commons Flickr photo by user “C-Monster.”

25 thoughts on “Introducing: Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!

  1. I’m in Canada and it’s the same crap ALL THE TIME!! So frustrating! I just got cut from the running after my second of FOUR stages of hiring process for a TEMP 6 MONTH PART TIME CONTRACT! WTF?!?! so frustrating!

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  5. This is so spot it’s freakish – which I mean in an entirely good way. THANK YOU for the laugh. I just got another rejection, and a humerous perspective on the absurdity of it all is just what I needed. (My personal favorite: “Three years’ experience for entry-level job.” Hahahahaha!)

  6. “This is so spot it’s freakish” – should read as “”This is so spot *on* it’s freakish.” I guess I’m in editing mode vis-a-vis writing cover letter after cover letter. πŸ˜‰

  7. I saw a 15 hr/week position and preferred qualification was an MLIS…raise your hand if you can pay off a Master’s degree working 15 hrs/week!

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