Librarian Twitter Bingo

You ever think: wow those librarians are always tweeting about the same thing!

Well, now you can play a game: It’s called Librarian Twitter Bingo. Every time you see a librarian’s tweet about one of the topics below, cross it off. When you get a whole row, yell “BINGO!”

Librarian Twitter Bingo

PS–I myself could probably cross off at least 13 of these boxes with my own tweets, so please don’t feel like I’m picking on any librarian in particular. 🙂 – I love your tweets!

Full image on Flickr.
This is modeled after Hipster Bingo.


9 thoughts on “Librarian Twitter Bingo

  1. Great! Now I see where those requests for non-librarian convos were heading…

  2. Off the top of my head, you could cross 17 of these boxes off by following my Twitter stream. There are a few others that I know I’ve spoken about in real life, but I don’t think I’ve tweeted about.

    Don’t know whether to be embarrassed about being so stereotypical or to be pleased that I fit so well with my tribe.

    Fun post, regardless.

  3. Reblogged this on jaclynne.jaci.jax and commented:
    I’d probably have a BINGO right now if I looked over just my own tweets!

  4. Cross off 19 for my own tweets 😉

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  6. Cracked me up! Especially the cats one (I’m a librarian who prefers dogs).

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