Quick Tips for Presenting & Teaching

I recently got some new office furniture. Well, newer. Goodbye 1970s desk and hello 1990s desk! In transferring my belongings from the old furniture to the new furniture, I started to go through some files. As I have progressed in my library career, I have become less concerned with saving every little piece of paper (plus the TV show Hoarders scares me!)–and of course, the online environment helps keep me less cluttered.

What I came across in my files was a list of tips and advice for presenting or teaching instruction sessions. I’m glad I saved it! Dated 2002, it was from my favorite library school class I had at Indiana University – “Education of Information Users” (How to Teach) — with instructor/librarian Emily Okada.

The tips and advice were gleaned from observing instruction sessions and also included classmates’ own peer feedback from our mock teaching presentations we did in class. At first, I though the advice might be dated, but presenting/teaching has not changed for the most part. The tips are applicable to information literacy sessions, or any presentation/conference session. Hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting it–no names are included.

If you are just starting to present/teach, or need a brief refresher, this is a great starting point. Here is the handout:

Quick Tips for Presenting & Teaching (PDF)