Nailing the Library Interview

In keeping with the spirit of moving into this WordPress thing, I’ve folded the Nailing the Library Interview site into my WordPress blog. Originally, it was on PBWorks, but this will allow me to more easily update it. Also, it allows for easier feedback from readers.

Nailing the Library Interview is divided into four sections:

I’m always looking for suggestions of questions to add, etc.. so feel free to comment!

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  2. Has anyone work for the Fulton County Library system? I’m looking to apply and hope to get a heads up on their interviewing process. Thanks.

  3. Quick Question:

    I am going to interview for a position to work with the youth services department at my local library. The position requires me to promote the summer reading program and for the interview I was asked to bring in a book appropriate for ages 3-5 and give a Picture Book Presentation. What entails a picture book presentation?! They gave me no details! Do I read the book? Do I just give the plot of the book trying to promote it to the interviewing team as if they were kids I am trying to get come to the library? Pleaseee let me know what you think asap. I will be interviewing later this week and need to find a book to present!


    • Hi Lisa–I don’t have any direct experience on this, but I posted this question on Twitter–hopefully some children’s librarians can respond. In the meantime, you might want to post your question on the PUBLIB or PUBYAC discussion lists to see if anyone has some suggestions. Best of luck!

    • It sounds like they want you to do a booktalk, which basically is selling the book to a prospective reader. Talk about the characters, plot, etc., but don’t give away the whole story! Leave them wanting to read the book! It’s like a little commercial for the book.

      Hope this helps!

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